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Change is happening at every level and every civil servant has a role to play. Civil servants can take action to encourage and progress reform in their role, team and department.

Change in the Civil Service

Examples of change happening in departments and agencies across government:

  • 22,000 roles and 50% of Senior Civil Service roles will move out of London in Places for Growth
  • an improved offer for learning and development with the launch of the Government Skills Campus 
  • new systems in place to speed up the process for staff transfers between departments
  • improved digital services for the public and civil servants

Case studies

See how government departments are shaping the Civil Service of the future.

Capability and place – building the first policy campus beyond Whitehall

A new government campus will develop policy making talent in Sheffield.

Developing skills – challenging defence thinking at the Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is using new tools to test ideas and policies.

Innovation – keeping it simple with Project Simplify

Project Simplify encourages staff to find innovative solutions and deliver better outcomes for the public.